The following table contains the heroes of Tap Titans 2.

Name Image Attack Type
Maya Muerta the Watcher Spell
Zato the Blind Staff Master Melee
Sophia, Champion of Swords Melee
Lance, Knight of Cobalt Steel Melee
Pingo of the Tori Ranged
Rosabella Bonnie Archer Ranged
Gullbrand the Destroyer Melee
Captain Davey Cannon Ranged
Rhys Mage of Order Evetga Melee
Kronus, Bringer of Judgement Spell
Cosette, Jewel of House Sabre Melee
Kiki the Dragon Rider Spell
Maddie, Shadow Thief Ranged
Beany Sprout of the 1st Spell
Sawyer the Wild Gunslinger Ranged
Lil' Ursa Spell
Saje the Garden Keeper Ranged
Wally Wat the Magician Spell
Jayce the Ruthless Cutter Melee
The Great Pharao Spell
Boomoh Doctor Melee
Dex-1000 Ranged
The Great Madame Cass Spell
Lala Quickshot Ranged
Aya the Lightning Violet Melee
Lady Lucy the Night Caster Spell

As you progress through the game, you will get various weapon upgrades

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